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Cost Comparison

Compare a Go Eve subscription with the cost of your current car. The Toolkit makes it easy.

Most people find that they could be driving around in a new EV for the same or even less than their current car.

Add a few hours a week of sharing and you could even earn back a couple of hundred pounds a month (tax-free too, for most people). And if you can get your Go Eve through HMRC's salary sacrifice scheme, it's even better.

We've pre-filled average UK numbers below, as a starting point. Just change your numbers and hit "Calculate" to see the results.

Motor Tax is typically £155-£300 on a normal car.

It's £0 on an EV.

Insurance can vary a lot, depending on age and driving record.We've used £500 as a "normal" cost for fully comp.

Sadly, if you're under 25, we can't help you. Or if you have more than 6 points. Sorry.

We've put in a fairly typical mileage of 10k miles per year.

It can vary a lot.

If you're a very high mileage driver, we can probably help you, but not on our standard pricing. Give us a buzz!

According to the statistics, 38mpg is a UK average.

If you don't know better, you can probably leave it as-is.

This is pre-set for petrol prices in June 2021.
If you use diesel, just adjust the number.

And think about how much you're killing the planet!

This varies a lot. New cars may be under warranty. Older cars can cost thousands a year to keep running. (Ask me how I know!)

So, we've set this at a fairly typical level of £500.

Possibly the biggest variable is depreciation. If you have a reasonably new car then depreciation can cost you thousands of pounds a year.

Because we can buy at scale and we know EXACTLY when to move cars on, you get a good deal with us.

And never have to deal with car salesmen ever again!.

This monthly subscription will get you a VW ID3.

For different cars, just look at the car pickers or our car selection and pick the matching monthly subscription.

If you share your car for even a few hours a week (evenings, weekends) you can get quite a bit of money back into your pocket.

This is set at a pretty typical saving for an ID3.

We're making a full calculator to let you work out how much you'd save. Soon!

Getting your car through work is a great deal with HMRC's "Salary Sacrifice" scheme.

You can work out your own exact saving on our Tax Saving's page.

Cost of your current car:

Cost of a Go Eve Car with both salary sacrifice and sharing:

Cost of a Go Eve Car with salary sacrifice only:

Cost of a Go Eve Car with sharing only:

The "No Savings" Cost of a Go Eve Car: