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Go Eve's EV Toolkit

Learning about EVs is easy with the Go Eve toolkit.

Get up to speed in just a few minutes. Hopefully you'll want to come to Go Eve and get a nice new EV to share with your friends! Start wherever you want, looking at cars, or figuring out range. Plus, do check out the tax savings. They are big!

There are explanations further down the page, or just click to go straight to the relevant tool.


How far will an electric car really go? Further than most people expect, and almost certainly far enough. If you're just driving around town, charging at home overnight will keep you going. Or maybe once a week at a charger.

For longer trips, you'll be surprised how far you can go!

This tool gives simple "range circles" to guide you. Simple and really helpful.

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Charging Points

There are LOADS of charging points around the country, plus you can probably get one at your home.

Have a look at the map to see the public chargers. Search and zoom around.

More powerful chargers get bigger circles, so it's easy to understand.

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Tax Savings!

Her Majesty's Government REALLY wants you to get an electric car. There are huge tax savings!

You might not believe how good if we just told you, so calculate it for yourself. Just three numbers for an accurate result!

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Car Picker

There are lots of EVs out there. Use our graphical tool to play with your preferences and see the cars that match what you want.

Browsing around will often show you cars that you might never have thought of. There's a list tool too, for smaller screens.

Or just look at the Go Eve off-the-shelf selection of the best in the market 😎.

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Cost Compare

If you're looking at all the numbers and can't figure out whether a Go Eve car would be better value than what you've got, we have a tool to help. Compare your current car costs against a Go Eve EV. Just a few numbers and you'll see!

People are often surprised to see how a Go Eve subscription can save them money. Get a new EV and a few pounds back in your pocket! 🥳🥳

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