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Tax Savings

To find out how much you can save through HMRC's Salary Sacrifice scheme, just enter your salary in £/y, then the car cost per month and the P11D* (see below).

We've pre-filled some sample data. Change the numbers to suit you.

Then just click the "Calculate" button to see the savings.

Saving for you:

Saving for your employer:

Car cost with "salary sacrifice":

Car cost without "salary sacrifice":


*The P11D value that HMRC uses is basically the list price minus the government EV grant, more or less. Examples include the VW ID3 Pro at £33,600....the Jaguar i-Pace EV400 at £65,195 or the Nissan Leaf Acenta at £30,445.

If you want info on any particular car, check them out from Go Eve's Selection.

The calculation uses the most common tax-code of "1257L". That gives the right answer for most people. If yours tax-code is different, the calculator will still be a good indication. Oh, and it uses tax rates for England and Wales. Sorry Scotland. It's also 100% anonymous, in case you were wondering.