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Range Map

Range circles work because the distance by road between two places is usually pretty close to 120% of the straight-line distance. Roads don't go straight, but they wander pretty consistently, both large and small. It's not exact, but it a pretty good idea.

Click or tap to centre the range circles wherever you want. That's all there is to it. Have fun with it.

Range Circles

The "WLTP Range" is the international standard for range estimates on an EV, so you can compare. It's available for every car on the market. Check out all of them on Go Eve's Cars page.

We've pre-filled 200 miles as a starting point, to represent a mid-level car. Or try a VW ID3 Style, which is 261 miles.

Remember, range varies on hot and cold days, motorway or A-road. This tool gives an indication that's reasonably accurate up to moderate highway speed. If you're a fast highway driver, your range will drop; use a route planner for detail.